Fascinating New Women Entrepreneurs

Women EntrepreneursThe Race To Prominence

It has been over twenty years since Congress passed the Women’s Business Ownership Act, legislation that was enacted to give women entrepreneurs recognition and resources.

Since that time, women have been tirelessly running the race to prominence — in heels no less.

Especially now, women are playing a pivotal role in business — particularly online.

There are an estimated 8 million majority-owned (51% or higher), privately held women-owned businesses in the United States.

Women-owned businesses contribute nearly $3 trillion to our national economy and create or maintain 23 million jobs.  Pay attention President Obama.

The bottom line?  Clearly, women entrepreneurs play an important, and much needed role in the U.S. economy.

I have highlighted some of the more successful and prominent women in recent weeks on this blog, but what about the new and fascinating women who are just starting out?  Like the rest of us, they are the ones who are placing one foot in front of the other, running the race to prominence.  They deserve attention and accolades as well.

For this reason, I am inaugurating a new series, Fascinating New Women Entrepreneurs, in an effort to give credit where credit is due — long before traditional media and bloggers take up the story.

If you have someone in mind for this series, please leave a comment below.


Annette AndersonAnnette Anderson and KitchenThreadz.com

The race to prominence doesn’t always begin in the executive suite of a New York City office building.  Sometimes it starts in the most unlikely of places.

Following your dream does not always lead to reinventing a world-class corporation.  Sometimes it leads to reinventing an everyday product that puts an irresistible gleam in the buyer’s eye.

For Annette Anderson, the owner of KitchenThreadz.com, it started in a small hut on the rural Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica.

She had reduced her possessions to those she could fit in her backpack and was preparing to hitchhike around the world.

Having spent two years in that hut, without electricity and running water, Annette described her start this way:

“I was clearing my mind at that point after deciding that corporate America wasn’t for me. I wanted to live a Zen sort of life.  One of the things I learned out there was that my wants and my needs were confused, that I really needed very little. I met many poor people — really poor — who were happier than those who had a lot.”

Some entrepreneurs spend their life in the pursuit of fame, or money, or both.  But not Annette Anderson.  She explained it this way:

“So I’m standing there on the beach, penniless, and thought, ‘If I can make it out of this, I’m never going to worry about money again.”

Some women entrepreneurs march off to Wall Street, determined to break through the proverbial glass ceiling — one promotion at a time — thereby reinventing women’s role in business.  But not Annette Anderson.  Instead, her adventure led her to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, where – one-stitch-at-a-time — she is reinventing the apron.

Yes, I said apron.


For Real Housewives of NYCDefinitely NOT Your Mother’s Apron

According to the Toledo Blade, Annette now spends her time designing “a bevy of dazzling couture aprons designed especially for women who love to cook and love fashion.”

The industrialist Henry Ford once remarked of his first automobile, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.”  He then began churning out cars on an assembly line and made history.  Perhaps not dazzling, his product put a lot of Americans on the road.

At KitchenThreadz, every apron is a one-of-a-kind, dazzling creation.  Annette’s customers are “flirty foodies, haute couture cooks and anyone who appreciates one-of-a-kind wearable art.”   Women from Australia to Paris to Santa Fe are her clients, as well as television personalities from the popular show Real Housewives of New York City.

When Ford’s first cars rolled off the assembly line, they came with an owner’s manual and you were left on your own.  Not much in the way of customer service.  When you receive a KitchenThreadz apron, it comes with a personalized video from Annette, explaining the design she created for you, how best to wear it, maintain it and love it.

The apron pictured here is her most recent creation, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” made with love and care for Sonja Morgan of Real Housewives’ fame.  If you are wondering about customer service, just spend a moment and watch this video to see what it’s like to own a KitchenThreadz original.

Oh, and if you’re thinking these aprons are as expensive as a Ford automobile, don’t worry.  They start at $90.

Annette may never own a house in the Hamptons, but she is certainly living her dream.  Perhaps someday she will make an apron for men — and when she does I will be her first customer.

If you would like to read the most recent press release about Annette, click here.

If you would like to read the most recent newspaper article about Annette, click here.

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17 Responses to “Fascinating New Women Entrepreneurs”
  1. This made my day. Annette’s story breathes more life into the female entrepreneur narrative, which is often reducible and lined with mile markers of perceived accomplishment, failure, and so on. There is room to live in between the lines, to wander, to explore for the sake of exploring, and to jump in to this ‘race to prominence’ on your own time and still shine. Well done.

  2. Mallory,

    I am delighted that Annette’s story has encouraged you. Annette will be delighted as well. Your comment says a great deal about you and the vastly improving state of women entrepreneurs. Thank you very much for sharing.

  3. Aydika says:

    Love this series; love reading about Annette and Kitchen Threadz! Thanks Michael!

    I wholeheartedly nominate another incredible woman entrepreneur: Lisa Bruckner, tireless founder of Hendricks Park (http://www.hendrickspark.com/)

    Hendricks Park is an innovative clothing service for men, with a totally new model that’s changing the way men buy clothing; and the face of retail altogether. Her company brings the human relationship back to business, and is firmly rooted in “giving back,” on both the front and back ends.

    A fascinating and inspiring woman to feature… please do!


    You can also see her blog at: http://www.wasabinights.com/

    Thanks Michael!

  4. I took a look at Hendrick’s Park as you suggested. You’re right, it is an interesting business model. Innovation is the most important component of modern business, especially online. Lisa looks like a perfect candidate for this series. Have her contact me at michaelstewart@jerichotechnology.com. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Vena Jensen says:

    I love the story of Rosamaria Callabero, the original “Green Irene.” She and her husband, PJ Stafford, founded Green Irene, LLC, the nation’s largest eco-consulting firm. Green Irene is a partner with the Green Business Bureau and Green America, two of America’s highest-regarded green advocates. Dennis Salazar interviewed Rosamaria and wrote this article: http://blog.salazarpackaging.com/sustainable-people/isp-interview-with-rosamaria-caballero-cofounder-of-green-irene-llc/. I can say from personal experience this company strives to adhere to the highest levels of service and integrity. I also love that Rosamaria 1.) personally interviews each and every eco-consultant candidate (so glad I met her criteria!), 2.) personally reviews and determines if each and every product meets the “Green Irene” standards, and 3.) has made it affordable for anyone with a passion for “going green” to become an eco-consultant. Here is their main website address: http://www.greenirene.com/. Here is Rosamaria’s email address…rosamaria.caballero@greenirene.com. If you decide to contact her, tell her Vena referred you! :-) P.S. Love the idea of your series. How validating for a man of your stature to recognize the work of women entrepreneurs! I appreciate your support for all entrepreneurs everywhere!

  6. Austin James says:

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  7. Nora says:

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    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Gloria Rand says:

    I would love for you to feature a friend of mine, Mel King, the owner of Chocolate Dreams Candy Catering. Earlier this year, she launched a new product that has been selling like crazy – Chunky Chocolate Brownie Lollipops. She just started a new Facebook page to promote them: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chunky-Chocolate-Brownie-Lollipops/177100175694177. Her website is: http://chocolatedreamsonline.com/. Mel recently gave up her corporate job to follow her chocolate passion. I think she would make an ideal candidate for your series!

  9. April Morris says:

    Hi Michael,

    My friend Monica Hall sent me a link to your blog today. She encouraged me to tell you my entrepreneurial story. My hope is that it will inspire others to pursue their dream. Several years ago I found myself as a single mom, flat broke and starting over. I worked as a makeup artist in a department store and loved helping women look beautiful. But I struggled to make ends meet. One day I realized I had two options. I could struggle the rest of my life or do something about it. That’s when I got an idea for a unique product. I didn’t have any money to pursue my dream so I changed careers in order to earn more money to pay for the prototype. In 2008 (in the middle of a recession), I took a leap of faith and launched my product called THINgloss. THINgloss is a lipgloss made with natural ingredients to help curb appetite. It works through the sense of smell and topically. Patent Pending. After purchasing inventory, I didn’t have any money left for marketing. So I had to get really creative with spreading it word of mouth. Since THINgloss launched, my product won “Best Innovation of the Year” and I’ve been featued on: ABC’s Hit TV show “Shark Tank”, FOX Business Network, FOX News, NBC Daytime, Los Angeles Times, Indianaplis Star Newspaper, US Weekly and many others. I was recently named “Inspiring Woman of the Year” by the Indiana Fever. My product is now sold in stores across America. I’m humbled and grateful beyond words. My next step is to secure larger distribution and partner with an online marketer to reach my goal. Thank you for recognizing women entrepreneurs. I know first hand the struggles and celebrations that entrepreneurs go through while building a successful business. http://www.expresseffects.com Kind Regards, April Morris

  10. My belief in thinking that anything was possible if I just put my mind to it helped me deal with and hustle through the challenges I faced as a teenage mother, young wife and high school dropout. This no-limits attitude led me to open a restaurant, start Signature Flan and eventually write my first book.

    In 1993, I was a 16-year-old high school student who became pregnant by my high school sweetheart whom I then married. In 2005, after 6 years of working in the software industry, my husband and I co-founded a restaurant based in Texas. The restaurant ultimately closed, but my dream of entrepreneurship did not die.

    Later in 2009, I decided I wasn’t comfortable with someone else calling the shots for me, so I started my newest business venture, “Signature Flan.” http://www.signatureflan.com.

    Vivian Tenorio’s story has been seen on:

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    Follow her story as she overcomes the roadblocks that are put in front of anyone who attempts to start a business from
    scratch. This book will inspire others to follow their personal dream of starting a business. The nuggets of information she
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    successful business. These hints will be a great aid to anyone who has aspirations of going into their own business and
    could save hours of research time for those considering a new venture.

  11. I have an interesting story that is not ready to be told yet, but reading the stories above have given me the inspiration to fight for my dream. I came from an extremely rough childhood and spent most of my life surviving, until I came into the business world and realized that I had a lot of strengths to learn and grow and eventually teach others. I know that in 5 years, I will have a story similar to the ones above, I am still too young to make my entrepreneurial move yet but that gives me the time to plan my strategy and business plan. These stories are my research and only help me learn. Thank you everyone for sharing!

  12. Kristy Moore says:

    Kelly Foreman started MopTop Hair 6 years ago and has a mission of “changing the world 1 frizzy head at a time”. Besides her products being amazing; she really wants to make a difference in the world through her company. I really think you and your readers/viewers would enjoy her story. Please let me know if you have any questions. She would love to to speak with you.

    Thank you,
    Kristy Moore

  13. Kristy,

    Thank you for your comment. Any entrepreneur who wishes to “change the world” deserves careful attention. I will take a look at the website and get back to you quickly.


  14. SusanLorelei says:

    Wow … what a great story and what a great site! I have always thought that woman could use aprons that make them feel sexy and beautiful in the kitchen. Hats off to you Annette and I am on my way to check out your site!

    Susan Lorelei

  15. Thank you, Susan for your comment.

    Annette deserves your attention any your praise. I have forwarded your thoughts to her.

    I appreciate your taking the time to express yourself.


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