Want to be Successful at Social Media? Here are 13 Steps You Probably Missed (Pt.2)


Step 2. Carpe Diem:  Seize the day … every day … to advance your Social Media goals.

Social Media is an amazing business and culture-altering phenomenon.  Success stories in business improvement, product development and even recent geopolitical events across the Middle East have shown the unbridled power of this new form of communication.

Before it can be fully utilized, however, it is first necessary to set carefully considered goals for the Social Media campaign, and then to do the very hard work of actually accomplishing them.

Make no mistake, it is going to be a steep and arduous climb.

To recap yesterday’s discussion on the first step, the Proper Way to Set Goals, I suggested that:

  • The accomplishment of your goals should make you a better man or woman, a more valuable business person, and a more engaged member of the human family, not just a more efficient selling machine.
  • You should not merely test the waters or investigate potential because that’s far too short-sighted and unimaginative.
  • You should be positioning your company, as its final goal, to do something that really matters. You should try to make a difference and improve people’s lives.
  • You should take baby steps if that makes you more comfortable, but you should not look down at your feet. I advised you to keep your head up, your back erect, and to keep reminding yourself that Social Media is not just today’s task, it is a way to revolutionize your company and chart a new and exciting road to the future. (To read Part 1 regarding goal setting in its entirety, click here).

Plates spinning in the airCarpe Diem

The paradox of being an entrepreneur, or a Social Media Strategist within a large company, is that before you took on this new responsibility you were already overwhelmed with your current tasks.  Social Media will seem like just one more plate you must keep spinning in the air.

The simple secret to making this work, is that you must schedule every single task in advance, and then keep to that schedule without compromise.

For example, my Social Media Twitter schedule looks something like this:

Monday:  Studies have revealed, and my Google Analytics have proven, that on balance, Monday is the least productive day in the week for Twitter development. Your followers, coming off the weekend and pressed with the start of a new work week,  will be less inclined to read your posts, re-tweet them and otherwise engage with you.

For this reason, I use Monday’s for a little Twitter housecleaning.

Generally speaking, I have followed 500 to 1,000 new Twitter accounts per day, (Monday through Friday), during the previous week, and each Monday I have between 1,500 and 2,500 individuals who have not followed me back.  You should not attempt to motivate people to follow you — it’s a waste of time — you should find motivated people to begin with.  So, without being impolite, I have no choice but to unfollow these non-followers.  I use the website Tweepi.com to facilitate this task without an unduly long time requirement.

By performing this task early on Monday morning, I start the week following substantially fewer people than the number that are following me.  This gives me a buffer to follow several thousand new people in the coming week without running afoul of Twitter’s follow limits.  Your followed to follower ratio will fluctuate during the week, so you need to exercise caution.  For safety’s sake, I never follow more accounts than .o95% above my current follower base, at any one time.

With this done, I then follow the schedule below for the balance of the day.

Tuesday through Thursday:

  • I will follow new individuals as noted above.
  • I will then write a blog post on the Jericho Technology website, intended to be useful to my followers.
  • Time permitting, I will then scour the Internet to find 35-75 handpicked articles written by others, to also share with my followers.
  • Throughout the day, I visit my Twitter account repeatedly to determine which of my posts is attracting attention, being re-tweeted, and @mentioned.
  • I keep my email open at all times, on a secondary monitor, so that I never miss an email from a follower, customer or potential customer.
  • At the end of each day, I review results and plan the article for the next day.

Friday: Statistics have further shown, that Friday’s are the most productive days of the week for Twitter development.  For this reason, I redouble my efforts on Fridays to provide volumes of useful content, engage with my followers, make new contacts and expand my reach.

Saturday through Sunday. The momentum established on Friday generally flows over into the weekend.  While I still write, review and engage, I take some much-needed time off to recharge my batteries and to prepare for the next week.

This planning of scheduled tasks, along with a dedication to complete them, has allowed me to build my Twitter account from zero to over 35,000 followers in slightly less than one year.  It has also caused the rest of my business life to be highly organized, effective and efficient.

With strategic modifications, I also apply the same regimen to my customer’s Social Media needs.

Getting in touch with me is very easy

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