The “Show Me” Factor – Demonstrable Value


Demonstrable Value

The “Show Me” Factor

Among entrepreneurs, the most common request made to Social Media practitioners is this:

Show me how Social Media will contribute to my bottom-line.

For many of us in professional Social Media, delivering cogently upon this request has been somewhat elusive, but it shouldn’t be.

There seems to be a reluctance to answer two simple questions:

  1. How will Social Media deliver results? 
  2. How will the company benefit?

If you are among those intrepid Social Media souls, battling on the front-lines to deliver immediate results, you may have been hard-pressed to respond to the “Show Me” Factor.  If so, this chapter is for you.

If you are an entrepreneur, struggling mightily to have a business impact through Social Media efforts — and if tangible financial results have been slow in coming — this chapter is also for you.

Speaking as an entrepreneur myself — and after a period of sustained effort and experience with my own company’s Social Media campaigns – one fact seems inescapable:

In the end, Social Media for businesses is about building a customer base – or it should be – and that customer base has demonstrable value.

What is Demonstrable Value?

The dictionary defines demonstrable:  Capable of being demonstrated or proved — obvious or apparent.

Demonstrable Value is not an official accounting term; it is a new concept that quantifies value to the company — but that does not necessarily and immediately convert to cash.  It is the earliest — but most often overlooked — benefit to the company.

Demonstrable Value is:

  1. Value you can see and feel
  2. Value you can quantify
  3. Value that will predictably turn into cash — and that will ring the cash register in the future.
  4. Value that may, (based upon a current lawsuit in a California Federal Court), add to your bottom-line immediately.

Think of it as the anticipated value of future revenues — stemming from a tangible and engaged Social Media following in the present.

As can be seen in the chart on this page, while traditional ROI results at the end of the process — (after the E13 Strategy has been applied; strategy, management, execution and sales have occurred; and after the full effects of Trajectory have been realized) — demonstrable value begins to appear at the outset and gradually increases until it equals ROI.

Demonstrable value is sufficiently obvious as to be readily recognized by even the most ardent skeptic, and it is the precursor to traditional Return on Investment (ROI).

Once it predictably turns into sales and revenue, it will be expressed as Return on Investment.  But even before that it will have impressive benefits.

In any case, demonstrable value – however it is accounted formay be the yardstick by which all Social Media efforts should be initially judged.

Twitter Followers Have Demonstrable Value

Twitter followers, in particular, have demonstrable value.  Such was the plaintiff’s argument in the recent PhoneDog court case in California.  According to court documents, the judge refused to dispute the suggestion that the “industry standard” of $2.50 per month, should apply to every Twitter follower.

That means that a 50,000 member Twitter following could be valued at $125,000 dollars per month, or $1.5 million per year.

Not to belabor this point, but for the $2.50 monthly value to be even remotely reliable, such a financial projection relies on the fact that the followers are carefully selected, heavily engaged — and that they are interacting regularly with the brand.

Twitter followers who are bots, inactive or inappropriate to your specific market are essentially valueless.  Extreme care must be taken to ensure that every follower meets these criteria, as will be explained in detail in later chapters.

We all know that you can “buy”  Twitter followers on eBay for a penny apiece.  The difference between these two extremes is the Social Media management, execution and sales savvy that you will leaarn in Trajectory.

Twitter is Simple, but it isn’t Easy — And it is Deeply Rewarding

The task ahead — for anyone wishing to attain massive success with Twitter — may be relatively simple, but it is in no sense easy.   To amass my current Twitter following, for example, has taken well over 6,500 hours of very committed effort.

During the last 18 months, I have:

  1. Personally written 169 articles and published them on this website.
  2. Researched, selected and distributed 22,143 articles, written by others, in tweets to my loyal Twitter audience.
  3. Hand-picked each of my 62,811 followers.

It has been an honor to build, recognize and engage with my Twitter friends.  I have learned much — and gained more — than whatever benefit they have realized from following me.

Twitter is much more than a business tool, it is an instrument for personal and professional growth.

The Trajectory Formula will teach you exactly how to build a fully engaged Twitter account of at least 50,000 followers during the next 18 months:  How to plan an effective strategy, manage successfully and execute efficiently.  And it will help you as you transform a lasting customer base into a huge tangible asset.




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