The One Secret to Winning at Twitter

Secret to Twitter Success - ConsistencyThis is an excerpt from Chapter 29 of the forthcoming book, Trajectory.


Everyone has their pet theory regarding the secrets to winning at Twitter:  A sudden viral explosion of popularity, increasing credibility, excellent content, engagement with followers and even dumb luck.

All of these are contributing factors, but empirical evidence suggests another, more important way to win.

If I was forced to choose just one secret to winning at Twitter, consistency would top the list.

It may not be sexy, but consistency is just another name for unadulterated hard work, applied knowledge and constant improvement.

There is no short-cut to success — you must be good at what you do, and you must do what you’re good at — consistently.

Stay in the Game

Jeff Korhan, a Social Media strategist and speaker, made an interesting comment recently.  He said:

“The little secret is that blogging is not a linear game.  One home run is not going to win the game. You have to keep pounding out base hits, grind out more yardage, and sink as many putts as possible.”

This is a profound observation and here’s why:  Like any revolutionary game, Social Media is still in its embryonic stages and no one knows for sure how it will play out.  Theories come and go — new superstars of Social Media gain prominence and then fade, new platforms make runs for stardom and then commit game-changing errors and new approaches threaten to re-invent the game altogether — but the one fundamental skill that continues winning games is consistent effort.

You must stay in the game — day after day after day after day.  Acknowledging that not every swing will be a home run, or even at hit — you must learn, practice and improve until most of your times at bat get you on base.

Social Media is not a short game.  It is long and tiring.  There will be many times when you don’t feel enough momentum — when the bat seems too heavy, the end zone too far away or the bow string too taught — but winning means continuing to play no matter how you feel, whatever the extant circumstances.

There is a lot at stake.  As you build an engaged following, they will become your fan base.  When they buy their tickets by following you they will justifiably expect you to play the game at the top of your skill, rain-or-shine, every day.

Your income will depend upon coming to the park and doing your best.

At the end of the day, your statistics will tell the story.

  1. How many new Twitter followers, (new fans), joined your fan base today?
  2. How many useful tweets, (times at bat), did you chalk up?
  3. How many runs, (retweets), did you score?
  4. How many games, (new potential customers), did you win?

Stay on Target

Perhaps the most important skill to develop — and to apply every day — is the ability to stay on target.

In the same sense that hitting the bull’s-eye in archery requires a combination of the right bow, straight arrows, eye-hand coordination and keeping your eyes on the target — hitting the bull’s-eye in Social Media requires a combination of Social Media-enabled web presences, the right web tools, compelling blog content, the ability to acquire targeted followers, writing for those followers adroitly and, finally, understanding their wants and needs and providing products and services to satisfy them.

Throughout Trajectory, you will learn how to refine these skills and how to apply them with consistency.




My new book, Trajectory, will be published in January, 2012.  If you found this article useful, you will love the book.  You may read the first chapter, The Perfect Trajectory, by clicking here.

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  1. RachelintheOC says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve built my author platform and following on Twitter by #beinghere. I teach social media and have clients also and many get frustrated or don’t see the benefit of Twitter initially. I suggest having six keywords and keeping in mind that while you want your presence to be organic & social, you still need to keep in mind that you are your brand. Follow your brand, engage with your brand, tweet your brand. It then becomes very clear how rich a marketing platform Twitter really is — not the ‘turkey sandwich for lunch’ ignorance they first thought it was.

  2. The One Secret to Winning at Twitter via @jerichotech

  3. @RachelintheOC Thank you for your excellent comment. Properly prepared, Twitter can be a feast for your business, not a “turkey sandwich for lunch.” As in most recipes, however, the chef is more important than the ingredients — and you have shown by this comment what a marvelous cook you are. I look forward to reading your other thoughts on other recipes. Welcome!

  4. The One Secret to Winning at Twitter via @jerichotech Thanks, Michael!

  5. The One Secret to Winning at Twitter via @jerichotech

  6. Vena Jensen says:

    Great article, Michael! I’m looking forward to reading your new book!

  7. Twitter is one of my best social media avenues for generating new customers. What successes have you had using…

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  10. Going for the home-run! RT @jerichotech: The One Secret to Winning at Twitter : Jericho Technology, Inc.

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