Social Media Has Become A Force Of Nature

A Force of Nature

A Force of Nature

The electrifying growth of Social Media continues to amaze, as it impacts every area of our lives.

Once thought to be a mere technological advance, it now is a powerful cultural phenomenon unequaled in our history.

Social Media has become a force of nature.


What Does This Mean, Exactly?

Relationships have become paramount. Social Media is not about technology, it is about relationships — finding them, nurturing them, expanding them and benefiting from them.  When people worldwide unite, the kinetic energy created is immense and unstoppable.

Traditional business has been struck by lightning. Social Media is not about promotion — it is about people.  Consumers are finding their own products, dictating marketing methods and allowing small entrepreneurs to compete effectively with the former giants of industry.

During most of my business career, the zenith of advertising in both cost and results, was a Super Bowl commercial.  Impact was assured if you had millions of dollars to spend and skill took a back seat to cash.  Today, the brilliance of Scott Monty and the Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad.

Companies whose size and profits once made them immune to competition, must now strive toward innovation instead of monopoly.  Those that do not, risk extinction.  In 10 years, 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer exist.  The traditional world of business has been struck by lightning and is changing forever.

Our entire world is being transformed.We all live in this changing world, where 50% of the population is now under age thirty.  These vibrant young people were born into a world where email had replaced postal mail, the web was replacing libraries, and even kindergartens began learning from iPads instead of blackboards.

Our parents regaled us with tales of walking to school through snowdrifts, but today many students are studying online — and they are outperforming students who attend classes.

We grew up in a world that was split by the cold war, and the largest countries had massive armies and nuclear weapons.  Today, Facebook has a larger population than all but two nations, and with the new weapons of conversation and interaction has the power to topple governments.

China — where Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are unwelcome — may someday face an online adversary more formidable than any nuclear power.

See these thoughts in a video:


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  1. Klaudia says:

    I agree that social media is about relationship. It’s that complicated communication between individuals and companies (B2B, B2C, or just private communication).
    It’s not any more only about the product or service we want to sell – it’s about that commitment and relationship we create with customers or potential customers.

  2. Social Media Has Become A Force Of Nature : Jericho Technology, Inc.

  3. @asifpremji says:

    Social Media Has Become A Force Of Nature via Jericho Technology: #socmed #SocialMedia

  4. Social Media Has Become A Force Of Nature via @jerichotech

  5. Social Media Has Become A Force Of Nature : Jericho Technology, Inc.

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