Social Gold Mine – The Mission-Critical Non-Employee

Mission Critical Non-Employee

An Exciting New Opportunity

With the advent of social media, a new and exciting vein of gold has appeared within reach of every entrepreneur:  mission-critical non-employees.

These social media-age employees fall into two distinct groups.  In both cases they represent hugely important contributors to the entrepreneurial mission:

  1. C-Level Executives -  These mission-critical non-employees perform a wide variety of corporate level functions. In the words of the Harvard Business Review, they “belong to the free agent nation popularized a decade ago by the author and workplace guru Daniel Pink, but they inhabit its most rarefied precincts. They are top managers and professionals—from lawyers to CFOs to consultants—who have been trained at top schools and companies and choose to pursue project-based careers independent of any major firm. They’re increasingly trusted by corporations to do mission-critical work that in the past would have been done by permanent employees or established outside firms.”  HBR refers to these unique individuals as Supertemps, and in their opinion are “on the verge of changing how business works.”
  2. Specialized Executive Assistants – These Super PAs perform a vital service for the entrepreneur.  They have been extensively trained in every aspect of Social Media from strategy to execution, marketing to sales and their services can be utilized on an hourly basis — an enormous benefit to the burgeoning business.

How Big is the Opportunity? Ask Ursula Hasenkopf

As reported in the Harvard Business Review, “McKinsey research in 2011 found that 58% of U.S. companies expect to use more temporary arrangements at all levels in the years ahead.”  As reported by MBO Partners, a company specializing in this new market, sixteen million Americans are working independently today.  That figure is expected to rise to 20 million over the next two years.

The most exciting opportunity of all, is the entirely new business model available to highly trained personal assistants who are leaving the corporate world to establish their own businesses.  One such person, a highly regarded personal assistant from South Africa, will soon be opening Social Media Collaborator online.  She will be surrounding herself with highly specialized and superbly trained social media experts, capable of planning and executing record-setting social media campaigns — all easily within the budget of start-up companies.

After developing and pursuing her passion of being a PA, Ursula Hasenkopf groomed herself for 21 years as an Executive Personal Assistant and Front Office Manager for Managing Directors and Directors, qualifying for her Bachelors Degree, SAP Superuser and facilitator, being nominated as one of the five finalists in the SA National PA of the Year competition (2009) and establishing and chairing a PA Forum with some of the major global corporations.

She decided to take the brave step and reach out to become a skilled social media expert while at the same time pursuing her passion of being a personal assistant/front office manager.  Her curiosity and thirst for this knowledge gap was mirrored by her passion, excitement and open minded awe to all the doors that were being opened to her.  Being organized and open to learning was key.  The key was to get up and running and as quickly as possible.  She was determined to go out  on her own and develop the social media sphere for the PA/Office Managers to also learn from, to be a resource for skills, quality information and networking.  This would take the PA/Office Manager to the next level.

Watch for this new company — it will be interesting.





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