Jericho’s Actual Twitter Results – Recession Pricing

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Jericho Technology 12 Month Twitter Results

The Results Speak For Themselves

The above graph represents the actual results for the Jericho Technology Twitter account during the last 12 months.

The Twitter campaign actually began on April,16, 2010, (before this graphing was begun), with zero followers.

The net result was that in less than 15 months, working alone on this project, I was able to build a highly targeted Twitter following from zero to nearly 50,000 followers.

By this time next year, the follower count will break 100,000.

Why is this significant?  Simply because it illustrates what is possible if you honor me by allowing me to join forces with you to accomplish the same results for your company.

This is not theory, or wishful thinking, it is empirical evidence that I am qualified to do the same for you.

In support of the Jericho Twitter account, the following are the tasks that I completed during the last 15 months:

  • Zero to 48,394 highly engaged Twitter Followers
  • Listed on 1,593 Twitter Lists
  • 13,364 Tweets
  • 148 published articles on the Jericho Technology Website, and Tweeted to all followers.

What Do The Experts Say

Klout has this to say about my Twitter following:

  • You generate actions and discussions with nearly every message.
  • You generate a high level of engagement from other influencers.
  • You have a high percentage of content amplified.
  • You have a huge network that is very highly engaged.

TwitterGrader lists my Twitter Influence Percentage at 100%, and in my home market of Scottsdale, Arizona I am listed in first place out of the top 50 Twitter Elite.

Twitter Elite in Scottsdale AZ

Finally, the last graph illustrates Jericho’s relative Twitter following against the Top Two Social Media Marketing Companies as ranked by

Top Social Media Agencies

What’s Required to Make This Work For You

  1. A comprehensive strategy must be designed to maximize Twitter for your business.
  2. A minimum of 3 hours per day to perform the following tasks:
    • Design or redesign your website to make it Social Media enabled and compelling.
    • Design or redesign your Twitter page for maximum affect.
    • Development of a target market of potential followers that are receptive to your product or service.
    • Daily acquisition of those followers.
    • Daily Tweeting of relevant articles, written by experts in your specific market niche, to be read by your followers.
    • Weekly writing of original articles, to be placed on your website and Tweeted to your followers.
    • Daily interaction and engagement of your growing Twitter following.
  3. In short, Social Media Strategy, Management and Execution — including  everything that is necessary to develop a powerful Twitter following that will materially grow your business.  This is what I do for a living, exclusively.  Let me do it for you.

An Important Word About The Recession

In my 20 years of successful online experience, I have never witnessed a period of sustained uncertainty in the business world equal to what we are seeing and hearing about everyday.

At a time when online businessmen and women — especially entrepreneurs — should be marshaling Social Media as the panacea to potential customer acquisition at minimum cost, many of you remain cautious.

In the halcyon days of the Internet, the services listed above would represent thousands of dollars per month, but when it  comes down to firing an employee, or buying needed inventory to spur sales, hiring an outside agency to perform these tasks can be very uncomfortable.  I recognize this reality and I sincerely want to help.

Hundreds of you are reading this article, but like me you are justifiably concerned about the immediate and even the long-range future.

None of us know with certainty what our taxes, costs of dealing with employee health benefits and regulation are going to be as this unpleasant situation evolves.

Many businesses are struggling, laying employees off and hoarding cash.

And some of you are deeply involved in start-up companies, agonizing over prospect acquisition and sales.

For all of these reasons, and also because I would like to “give back”  for the many years of prosperity I have enjoyed during my career, I am giving very careful attention to your needs as well as my own.

That has always been the province of small business in this country, and thank goodness it will remain so.

In the days and weeks ahead, as Congress and the President clarify the tax and regulatory climate we must all share, watch this page for an announcement of Jericho’s New and Innovative Recession Pricing.  While the details are still being worked out, I can promise you that it will be affordable, valuable and guaranteed to build your business.  We will all emerge from this very difficult time, stronger, leaner and more efficient.

In the meantime, I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions.  The two polls below will help us make these very important decisions.

Instead of arbitrarily setting an hourly rate for our recession pricing, we are reaching out to you for your opinions.

Please Help Us Determine Our Recession Rates

What Hourly Rate Would You Choose?

Our normal rate by the hour has always been $165, but we need to adjust that rate downward to accommodate the dismal and unpredictable economic conditions we are all experiencing.

Please indicate the hourly rate that would best allow you to have a robust Twitter campaign.

This survey is purely for the purpose of getting your input. You are not making any kind of commitment and you will not be contacted.  No personal information is collected.  The results of the voting are aggregated and will not be published in any fashion.  This is a completely confidential survey.

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 How Many Hours Per Week Would You Choose?

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Getting in touch with me is very easy

I am very easy to get in touch with and I am eager to help.   Simply call the number below.  During normal business hours, (8 AM – 5 PM Scottsdale, Arizona time), it is my direct line.  Otherwise, just leave a message. If you would prefer to exchange email I would love to here from you. Just email or click the email badge below. I promise I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Michael R.H. Stewart, President, Jericho Technology, Inc.

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About Michael R.H. Stewart
"Give me faith, freedom, resources, and a little time ... and I will make things happen that matter." Michael R.H. Stewart is a respected Internet executive with broad experience in all aspects of online business, with an emphasis given to social networking development, and company management. He has over 131,000 engaged Twitter followers. He enjoys 22 years of direct experience with corporate, entrepreneurial, governmental and non-profit clients, having advised them on all aspects of their online initiatives. Prior to his Internet career, he served as a Senior Vice President of AIG Marketing, doing business in 135 foreign countries as well as the United States. Stewart is an experienced public speaker and communicator, with worldwide experience; an expert on corporate branding; an accomplished writer, a creative thinker and problem solver.


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